Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Introducing the GarbGang

Welcome to Mascotland!

Garry Chilluffo, who has photographed AvantGarb's mascots for a million years, came by, the other day, and clicked away.

Above, center front is most of the GarbGang.

Next, that's me w/ Carlos Sosa  we've been riffing on graphics, webpage design and general stuff & schtick for AvantGarb since the beginning.

Natasha Heines is placing one of her hand-painted eyes on the inner structure of a mascot. She's a costume shop craft-person wizard.

Tonie Smith knows mascots and how they go together. She was a costumer for Phantom of the Opera - now she's with AvantGarb.

Angie Malone is a total theater nerd and a costume savant. She's worked in NYC, Colorado and, of course, Indiana! She designs for theater absolutely all of the time and is part of the Garb Gang.

David Orr got his degree in philosophy. Now he has a theater company - the Sapphire Theater and a business. He also makes interior structures (skeletons) for our mascots.

Amanda Baily makes the mascot Jimmy Choos. She's also great a really good mascotland tweeter. The 140 characters sing for her.

Missing is the fabulous James Beaver - a true mascot making star. He's wandered off to NY and LA for years at a time, but                 always finds his way back to AvantGarb.

Also missing is Karen Witting, who is the Mascotland EMS, the Bionic Cat and our Apple  IT guy, the Bionic Cat, Stephen Cranfill - who keeps us technically in tune, and Duncan Alney whose company, Firebelly who keeps this baby boomer virtually social.

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  1. Hello, i have been through all your works and i must say "AMAZING" u r pretty talented at this things which brings me to my question. Can you give me a lil tutorial on how to make professional quality costume without heavy machine or expensive materials. I need to make about 5 costumes, however, they are not complex just regular costumes like shapes and likes of "hello kitty, spongbob e.t.c
    I would really appreciate your help thanx. email me at steincol@yahoo.com