Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hipster Blood Drop

At some point while making  a mascot, I fall in love. 

Slightly deflated Blood Drop
With this mascot it was when the sunglasses were finished & we could put them on the slightly deflated Blood Drop.

There is a marvelous time in the creation of these characters, when the personality is emerging, but the mascot isn't completed - the image doesn't yet have the integrity stand on its own.

The picture on the left is that moment - the moment when the  hipster personality of the mascot is showing itself.

A little later in the day, after we had secured the interior hoops that give the Drop its round, round shape, I donned the mascot - Laura took photos, and behold!  A new character in Mascotdom!

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  1. how much does a mascot like this cost? Where did this particular blood drop mascot go to?

    you can email me at
    Jill Chitwood