Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shoot the Breeze - March Madness

Hey mascot performers and athletic marketing people! Come by and visit AvantGarb when you're in town for the Big Ten and the Final Four. Come see where mascots are made!

Does your mascot needs a quick repair? Are you are thinking about getting a new mascot? Do you want something changed in your current mascot? 

..or just come to shoot the breeze and tell tales of mascot adventures and mishaps!
AvantGarb's studio is just a few blocks away from all of the action. We'll keep the fridge stocked w/ beer & diet coke. The coffee is always fresh and there will be something delicious to nibble.

We're in the Stutz Building. We make mascots where the Stutz Car Company used to make cars. We have industrial sewing machines where there used to be drill presses.We have rolls of fuzz & fluff and feather boas. I'm not sure there were any feather boas around in the 30s, when Henry Stutz was building cars. 

Our mascot, Fluffy, will greet you. She's big, she's pink and she has an enormous tutu!

The Stutz Building is huge. It takes up a whole city block. Its on Capital between 10th & 11th Sts. We face Capitol in Building B. 

Here's the address:
212 W. 10th St
Studio B-295
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone: 800/636-9562
email: jennifer@avantgarb.com

We're always rooting for the mascots!

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