Sunday, April 19, 2009

How'd you get into the mascot biz? Part 1!

The mascots found me. Here's a bit of AvantGarb prehistory :

I lived in Seattle in the mid 70's and was part of a group named Friends of the Rag.

We designed and created costumes---we called them "wearable art" and put on performances at, the Seattle Art Museum, the Aquarium, parks, fairs, piers, more museums, country fairs, snazzy society gigs and funky, arty bars.

My first costume was the Sexy Salmon for the
opening of the Seattle Aquarium---Seattle is known for salmon, and salmon are known for their sex lives---they spawn!

The second costume was the Formal Clarinet for the Seattle Symphony. I met Joan Mondale, Vice President Walter Mondale's wife, wearing the Clarinet. I met her for the 2nd time in DC during the opening night performance of our show at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian---this time not wearing the Clarinet. I mentioned that I had met her a few years before as a Clarinet. She remembered---who wouldn't?

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