Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Which mascot has the Nikes?

AvantGarb's studio is filled with mascots in various stages of completion. There's lotsa fuzz, fur, bling, sequins, foam, people, mannequins, sewing machines, drills, a band saw, glue guns, spools and spools of thread, photos, ribbon and stuff stuff stuff. What I'm trying to say is that there's plenty to look at, touch and ponder . The place is really visually over-the-top.

In the midst of all the stuff of AvantGarb was a mascot-sized pair of Nikes. They were a visual magnet for everyone who came into AvantGarb. Everyone said, "Who's the mascot who gets the Nikes?" It was like there was nothing else in the room but the mascot-sized Nikes---well they are really big shoes!

LUCKY, the Portland Beaver's mascot is the lucky mascot who gets Nikes. Nike is a Beaver sponsor, and Lucky the Beaver has some great kicks!

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