Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Signature Mascots

AvantGarb designs & creates Signature Mascots. Mascots that represent a team, event, product ---even an idea.

We're a tiny company of artists, designers and craft people. Our raison d'etre, our training and our experience is in custom creations. There are companies that make many, many copies of the same mascot, and they do a good, efficient job. That's not us.

We do, however make a few duplicates of the same mascot because...
  • Mascots have a very busy social calendar.
  • The same mascot must be on the east & west coast at the same time.
  • A mascot is making several appearances with multiple performers
  • Each region needs it's own mascot for all of the appearances and fabulous events that mascots get to go to ----this gets back to the busy social calendar
Sometimes we make 3 more or less duplicate mascots.
Racing beer cans - Portland Beavers Baseball

sometimes to 5 of the same

and occasionally to 10.
J.J. Jumper - the official mascot of the NCAA @ mascot training

Our Mascot Mission is to be the physical marketing component for your marketing strategy.  We strive to deliver countless hi-fives, hugs, laughs and “ooohs!” We resolve to be energetic, rambunctious and effervescent!

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